From a Sunny SFO to a Snowy Vancouver!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I last posted here, but today I’m gonna share with you all some pictures of one of the best flights I have done on the A220 in Infinite Flight!

I was Air Canada Flight 561 from San Francisco (KSFO) to Vancouver (CYVR). The total flight time was 1 hour and 54 minutes, at a cruising altitude of 32,000 feet.

Ending our boarding process while a Delta A339 takes off in the background enroute to Atlanta!

Taxiing to runway 19L while a Delta B739 goes to runway 19R and a Swiss B777 takes off

Parallel lineup with the same B739 from the last image. Delta’s going to LA and Air Canada to Vancouver!

Bye bye SFO! Vancouver here we go!

Leveling off at FL320!

Flying over a full ATC controlled Seattle!

Already started the descend so let’s go check the weather informations and… oh… 1/4 mile of visibility at the airport! This will be a challenging snowy approach!

Approaching minimums and where’s the runway?

Oh there it is! At the last possible second the runway appears! Not one of the best landings I have done on the A220, but the most important thing is that it was a safe landing for sure!

"Engines off. Cabin crew, prepare for deboarding"

I would like to hear you all opinions, so please answer the poll below if you want to!

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Thank you all for your attention! Nice flights =)
Disclaimer: No passengers were in any way exposed to the freezing weather and snow in the arrival in Vancouver. I parked in a gate with a boarding bridge, I promise!


Wow ! It’s amazing !

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