From a sunny Seattle to the Sun Setting in the Silicon Valley

Seattle to San Jose in an Alaska A320, flight time was only 1 hour 19 minutes thanks to a steady 80 knot tailwind, although it made the flight pretty bumpy. I would seriously recommend any flight from the Bay Area to or from Seattle because of the amazing mountains and deserts along the way

Positive Rate, Gear Up, turning south toward the Silicon Valley Climbing to 35,000 feet past the snow capped mountains of Washington The sun starting to set from the cockpit of the Airbus A320 My attempt at a moonshot Mountains towering over the northern border of California Descending over San Francisco into the Bay Area Touchdown about 10 minutes until the sun goes below the horizon

Please let me know what you think! :)


Great photos! Love that Alaska livery with any scenery!

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Nice shots! @BigBert10 would be proud of you choosing KSJC over KSFO!


It’s my favorite A320 livery!

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I flew it because of him! :)

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Great pictures, thanks for sharing! Great to see pictures of the A320!

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Nice photos!

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is this a dream? my word they are good

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Ha ha thanks!