From A Shut Down City To The Windy City feat Alaska096

Hey IFC! This is my second Screenshots and Videos post and this time a brought a friend! Today’s companion is @anon38496261! As always feedback is appreciated! Happy Landings!

So, today I did KSFO to KORD with @anon38496261!

Server: Expert
Time: Just under 4 hours

Enough talking for now, get to the pictures!

Waiting for pushback at a crowded SFO that needed ATC

Finally ready for a parallel takeoff!

Banking off into the late morning (this is my favorite picture!)

Cruising above Eastern Utah

Intermission! elevator music plays for 5 seconds

Almost at the TOD (Top of Descent)

Turning final

Buttered into a 12knot crosswind which I nailed rudder input on 😄

Parked feat @anon38496261 (he’s the United across from me, not the 747)

Thank you to @anon38496261 for joining me on this flight! It was very fun! As always, thank you for your attention! Feedback is appreciated!
Happy Landings!



Amazing photos! Nice parallel takeoff at SFO!

hoping you used realistic procedures

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Yessir we did! Glad you liked it!

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Good butter but a little late. But all around great pictures I hope you and @anon38496261 had a great time


Thank you! It was fun!


These are so awesome! You’re great to fly with.

I gotchu

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That’s awesome! Your amazing!

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The parallel takeoff was so incredibly lit 🔥

I’ll have a topic coming soon.

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Maybe you can edit the pictures a bit better 😂 I’m still getting used to this stuff 😂

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ay nice shots dude

Cool pictures, I’ve done this route with the United 777 irl

just some notes, you would takeoff from runway 1R since you’re heading to chicago, and if you do end up departing the 28s, there wouldn’t be any parallel takeoffs and rather one at a time, with each aircraft turning immediately towards “TRUKN”

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Okay, thanks for letting me know!