From a Qatar Sunrise to a Cloudy Afternoon in Brazil

Doha to São Paulo 🇶🇦 • 🇧🇷

Back at the end of November imo flew a group flight @MJP_27. We flew between two ATC hubs, Doha on the Saturday we departed, and then into São Paulo. I flew this route as an American Virtual codeshare with Qatar Airways. I had just flown a sunrise flight up from Miami that took about 13 hours if I remember correctly. We took off from Qatar using the A350 that is used in real life. We flew East out of Doha to curve around the peninsula of the UAE and then turned west where we flew over Africa and then crossed the coast and landed in São Paulo in the early afternoon. Flight time was 14 hours and 58 minutes.

Flight Details

AAVA 643 • Qatari 643 Heavy
Airbus A350-900
@JulianB @Ur_Friendly_Approach @Philippe_Gilbert

MJP waits at his gate as I start up my engines after pushback

Rolling down the runway as another Qatar A350 taxies to it

Rotating out of Doha, next stop Brazil

Gear up in the bright blue morning sky

Turning and flying west with two photos over the deserts of the Middle East

After many hours over the Atlantic we fly just off the eastern coast of South Americas largest country

On final in the cloudy afternoon Spring sky

Touching down as two 777s wait at their gates for long journeys to Europe!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

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I like picture 4 and 7 the most! The font you chose is also very lovely! And you might head back again as Doha is featured… 😂

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I like it (10 words)

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This is the link of the topic MJP_27

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Had to come here

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Nice pictures

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@anon2996007 thank you! The font was the only one that looked like it would fit with the photos so I’m happy it worked 😂

@BayoMan I saw his topic, the photos are awesome!

@alec222 thank you!

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NoahM back at it again, Your shots are spectacular! I’ll have to try this route sometime, sounds like fun!

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One is a A350 and the other is a 777F, anyways great shots! 🤩

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Beautiful photos

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4th pic looks real damn


That’s such a cool sight! It’s always so cool to see land after a long crossing, especially if it’s such a cool wing and scenery! The other pictures are also really nice, especially the one of rather busy São Paulo. That‘s an A350 and B777 though ;) As always thanks for sharing what looks like a great flight!

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@Airborne_Canuck thank you so much! It’s definitely a fun route. Just a veryyyyy long one too

@ThomasThePro oops, gonna be honest I didn’t really look at the photo and just saw the 77F and assumes the TAM was too

@Gonebeef @altixs thank you!

@JulianB thanks Julian! I always love crossing the coast of a new area, it’s always fun when that happens on a flight to Hawaii or on a long haul like this!

And I didn’t even look at the photo I just assumed they were both 777s, rip 😂


Enjoyed those photos! Very nice:) thx for sharing

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Thank you! I’m happy you like them

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