From a nice Bangkok sunset to Sydney’s Sunrise sunshine

Hi guys this is a flight from Bangkok to Sydney and I did this route for the fun
of flying.

Server: Casual
Time: 10pm Sydney time
Date: 6 Jan 2020
Route: Bangkok to Sydney
Aircraft: B789
Airline: Qantas
Duration: 9hrs 15mins

Departure in Bangkok at 6pm local time at the runway ready for takeoff

Rising altitude with a nice sunset

Almost Dark around Vietnam

Just started sunrise north of NSW

Nice picture with the sun shining on the plane

Starting descent in Sydney

Wing view of landing on flight QF24

Airport View of Landing

Side view of aircraft arrival

Comment down below if you want me to do more!


The second photo is my favorite! Really nice

Thank you so much mate! @Lud_d

Nice pictures!!

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