From a Cloudy and Busy Atlanta to the Beautiful Clear Sky of The Bahamas and back!

Well I’ve never shared any screenshots from my flights on here before but the scenery was just too stunning so why not!

Server: Expert
Flight numbers: DL638 and DL681
Route: KATL - MYNN - KATL (Atlanta - Nassau - Atlanta)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900
Flight time: 1h 39m and 1h 56m
Cruising Altitude: 38,000ft on the flight to NAS and 37,000ft on the flight back to ATL

Pushing back from Gate F12 in an already busy Atlanta including a Delta A330 who just parked right beside me arriving from Sao Paulo!

“Delta 638, Runway 26L, cleared for takeoff”

Climbing out of Runway 26L in the morning!

Cruising along the whole coast of east Florida before turning towards the Grand Bahama Island!

“Lynden Pindling Unicom, Delta 638 is on final, Runway 14”

Taking off Runway 14 and heading back to Atlanta!

Those views 😍
Cruising over the beautiful turquoise water

Landing on Runway 26R in very busy Atlanta with a Korean Air B772 taking off on 26L and also multiple Delta A350s, a Delta B752 and a Southwest B738 in line!

Parked at Gate E34 beside a Delta A350 and behind an Air Canada A319 completing its pushback!

Feel free to comment any feedback and any favourites as I will take notes to improve my future pictures, thanks!


That’s some really nice water there in the Caribbean, nice photos there!

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Thank you I appreciate it!

I got a picture just like #8 with the TBM a few months back

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Nice, must have been a great view then especially from a GA aircraft!

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I think you saw me? I did the same thing to North Eleuthera.

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Yep that’s me hahaha

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