From a busy Auckland to an (almost) empty Chicago!

Last night, I was pretty bored and on a VC with @SebastianF, talking about how busy it is at Auckland while he’s on Tower/Ground and for some weird reason this enticed me to come and wait an hour to take off for a flight to Chicago in the Air New Zealand 777, and so I did!

Server: Expert
Route: Auckland to Chicago
Flight time: 13 hours

Reaching the long taxi line (my iPad wouldn’t load all the other aircraft ahead)

Finally taking off as the sun sets in the background (Yes, I was in the line long enough for the sun to set)
Misha lands on the runway just after my takeoff!
Saying goodbye to crowded Auckland!
Reaching the Californian coastline
Airport in sight!
On final for 28R
Flight deck cold and dark after the 13 hour journey!
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Amazing mate!!!

Great photo’s !

Great photos! I attempted this flight once a while back and it didn’t go well lol, the app crashed 8 hours into the flight. I’ve got a better phone now though so I should give it another go!

Very nice photos @TimR

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yeah man this was my first long haul in ages because it always used to crash but i got some recommendations and got this one through!

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Nice pics! A fun route too… I like the pic on final.

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