From 5 to 14 Flying Solo-Maksim Ferguson


Hello :)

Some of you may know that I am a Pilot Under Training (P/UT) in the UK, also some of you may know that I am going to Canada in Easter to fly Solo at the age of 14 at Burlington Executive Airport, near Toronto. I will be flying with Spectrum Airways in a PA28. Anyway, this Thread will keep updated for any of you that are interested with what is happening :)

A Little Information On Me

My name is Maksim Ferguson, I live in the Northwest of England near a place called Blackpool. I started flying GA Aircraft at the age of 5 with my Dad, doing very basic things, learning what all the Instruments do, what the Mixture, Throttle etc does. It got real serious for me at the age of 8, I decided, I want to become an Airline Pilot, my Dad was 10000% supportive of this decision, he started taking me to flying lessons at Air Navigation & Trading ( at Blackpool Airport, I flew the Cessna 152 for a while, and decided that it wasn’t for me, I tried the PA28 and fell in love with it. I did my first Landing by myself with no help from the Instructor later on in that year. I have been constantly flying the PA28 since. Well, not just the PA28, I have been flying the Cirrus SR22 just as much, this has given me great experience with Modern Technology in Aircraft. Anyway, it has been some time since then as I am 13. I have done everything apart from flying Solo, Stall Training, Navigation Excercises, etc, the whole lot, but all of its supervised by an Instructor.

So What is The Benefits Of Flying Solo at 14?

Well first of all, its very unique, as not many 14 Y/Os can say they have flown solo. I need to do more research on this, but I could possibly be the youngest British person to fly a Powered Aircraft Solo, maybe even in Europe? If you where an airline recruiter, and you have a handfull of potential pilots, all have come out of University or a Flight School, most with similar qualifications, and some flying experience, there is nothing that is amazingly unique about that, but when you can say I flew solo at 14 and started flying at 5, I believe that can give me a boost in chances of being recruited in such a competitive atmosphere.

Anyway, to conclude, I’d like to thank you for reading, I am happt to take any questions, and even better, any advice/tips from anyone with experience in this area. I’d like to say, I know I am incredibly lucky to be given such an incredible opportunity, and I understand this can seem like a show off, I am not intending this to seem like it, I just want to share my experiences with anyone with a smiliar passion with me.

I will keep this thread updated.



Cool!Good luck with your training


Awesome! Great to see people with a passion for aviation. Good Luck in your flying career.


It has been confirmed I will be going in April!


It has been confirmed that I will be flying twice a day with ground school in between for two weeks! They have said if they feel I am capable of flying solo before the end of the two weeks they will make me fly solo!


I have started to revise for my PSTAR Exam which I have to do apparentley 😔

If anyone is doing the same, I reccomend this.


Canadian Class III Medical booked ✅


Hey there. If I may throw some of my input out there-if you get a transport Canada category 1 medical it gives you 1 year of commercial validation with another 3 years of private pilot validation without having to renew. I went to get my cat 3 and they recommended to get a cat 1 for a little extra money but it lasts longer. Coming from a fellow Canadian student: good luck with everything


Cheers bud, to be honest the Medical is only for one solo flight so, don’t see why I need it for one flight.

Cheers anyway 👍


All good. Good luck with everything!


Medical done and dusted!


I want to become a airline pilot…i am 14 but I am worried if I will ever pass my medical as I have eye power:(


Eye Power?


Think he means he has Eye Issues.

All they did for me is a Colour Blind Test, made me read some tiny writing, and the Mirror Chart Board thingy, and some other stuff un-related to vision, but this was for a Class III Medical, equivalent to CAA Class II, I think all you have to do extra for Commercial is a ECG and Audiogram, so if you can do those things you should be pretty set.



Eye power means you have eye sight issues:)


Hm interesting first time I’ve heard that saying.


Well I understand…different countries have different methods of saying it.
It also means that i have to wear glasses so that disappoints me…partly genetic😐


I wear glasses and hold a 1st class (job requires it) plus with eye surgery cheep out there maybe you can go that route older


Well that’s always an option but I am still young which makes it easy to reverse my sight…
Good day


Currently trying to see if I am eligible for the youngest Aviation Medical taken (aged 13).

Will keep you all updated :)