From 3 Degrees to Minus 30!

This afternoon I was able head to the Northslope of Alaska, Northslope is the Oil fields of Alaska. Tonight we had two aircraft head that way for a contract. From Anchorage we flew to Nuiqsut, dropped off our cargo and head to Deadhorse (Or SCC) Alaska

Mt McKinley!

Right after we landed, the mandatory selfie was required! It was Minus 27F

Just show you how close we were to Deadhorse

Here we are in Deadhorse, minus 30 with out wind chill. It’s so cold that if you threw hot water in the air it would evaporate before hitting the ground


And here we are in Australia complaining that 71º is too cold…


I’ll take 71 any day


Yeah well it’s summer here and we’re getting 110 degree days - 71’s a bit cold when you’re used to the warmer weather


I miss working in 110 degrees lol
Yeah it’s pretty sad when you come from -30 degrees to-7 and it’s warm lol

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Nice to see you not in a helicopter this time! Must’ve been really cold, meanwhile its 69F down here and I need mittens. lol

Also, nice beard!

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1900C life can be fun lol the Captain is my former Helicopter captain! Lol good friend of mine super mice guy!

I miss 69 lol

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Thank you!!

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Oo man I love the B1900 always nice to see you fly in something else than a helicopter! ;)

It fits well with the climate.

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And it’s dark all 24 hours.

Eh kindaish

I tan in minus 30 weather
When are you going to update your profile pic with or if those flattering selfies lol

Lets be honest, the beard is distinctly average haha

Im sure @schyllberg will have sometime to say about it!

It’s a good aircraft!

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I’m flattered you think I’m flattering lol

I need to decided on which one!

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I remember looking your flight up yesterday on fightradar24! If I remember correctly, you also flew at 21000 ft. for cruise

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What I imagine you thinking


22 up 21 back!


Yes! Lol I actually know that guy 😂

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