From 100,000 Feet - Xiamen, China

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Aircraft: F-22

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That water … amazing, very realistic!

What alternate name is Xiamen known by?

  • Huli
  • Amoy
  • Xiang’an
  • Haicang

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The correct answer to the last trivia question was Buddhism, which 77% got correct.

I like it the water is like 🤩
We should Collab😂😉

I love where the brown and blue rivers meet 😍


Thanks. looks amazing 😃


@Altaria55, how do you go to 100,000 feet?

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You’ve got Kinmen Airport up at the top and the space for the upcoming new Xiamen airport.

F-22 until at 1100kts then shot strait up

Oops, I went straight down…

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I do M 2.50.

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