From 100,000 Feet - Vancouver Island

Server: Solo

Aircraft: F-22

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Requested by @ILOVE7879-2.0


At 7,201 feet, which of the following is the highest point of Vancouver Island?

  • Mount Laing
  • Golden Hinde
  • Mariner Mountain
  • Big Den Mountain

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The correct answer to the last poll was 7.6 million, which 75% of people got correct.

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Random votes…
You should do The Great Smoky Mountains next.

It won’t be next but I’ll put it on the list… there’s 7 ahead of you

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Lol shall the wait begin

That’s a really awesome pic!

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Epic man

This is a filler

I am really liking the 100,000 ft shots! Lake Michigan ninth in line? 👀

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Amazing shot looks amazing.

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Wow amazing
What airport did you take off from?

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