From 100,000 Feet - The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Server: Solo

Aircraft: F-22

Requested by @bcc.123


Where should I go next?

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Just stunning!

Vote Cyprus!

I do love scenery shots! Looks really nice.

So cool! I want to do this!

Thank you!

I agree - there sure are some very beautiful places on this planet.

Go right ahead!

Awesome! I’ve been loving this series! Great suggestion @bcc.123 !

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Beautiful picture!


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Thanks, guys!


This is amazing!!

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I’ll have to visit the Grand Canyon sometime.

Definitely on my bucket list.

Great shot! Better than the last one by far!

You should visit The South pole at some point, it might not have 3D imagery but the scenery is definitely worth checking out!

i’m lost for words. astonishing capture

Thanks! I don’t think the south pole is going to be featured. There’s nothing but ice, and without 3D imagery in that region, there’s nothing to see but just endless gray. However, if enough people request it, I will consider it.

Thank you!

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Fair enough, you got a point!

You should visit the crowded cities of China, that would be cool! Chongqing is one!

I do have the Hong Kong/Guangzhou/Shenzhen metropolis on my list.

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Truly incredible! It’s crazy to think how far this game and technology in general has come. You did a great job!

Thank you!

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