From 100,000 Feet - Taiwan

Server: Solo

Aircraft: F-22

Edited with Adobe Lightroom

Requested by @Tsumia and @LegendaryRoro88

Remarks: Taiwan’s actually very large, so I couldn’t get the whole island in (obviously). Here’s a shot from the middle of the island facing north towards Taipei with a touch of fog.


Whatever if you didn’t get the whole island. It’s just beautiful nonetheless.


What is Taiwan’s largest religious group?

  • Christianity
  • Taoism
  • Buddhism
  • Non-religious

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The correct answer to the last trivia question was ~500, which 59% of people got correct.

Thank you!

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Ok, that is stunning! The fog, along with the mountains, is a great combination!

Now that is incredible!

You need to tag @TaipeiGuru for this!

This Picture Says It All!! Yo Guru from Taipei, @TaipeiGuru, I’m putting Taiwan in my Top 5 places to visit this decade than Top 10, I’m flying EVA Air tomorrow… or maybe 2023…

Checking Flights to Taoyuan… from the European Continent… hmmm, aha… Book Flight 💚

And of course, Altaria, the picture turned out amaziiing as always. Loving the light fog, very mysterious looking and gives of a vibe of excitement and unknowing-ness, I like it 🌟


@Butter_Boi @snoman Thanks!

@Captain_JR thank you… means a lot


Still waiting for that day to come! See if you can get the Sanrio 77W, the Hello Kitty decor is quite amusing. ;)

@Altaria55 Fantastic shot. Glad you were able to capture the mountains as well as the city!

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Thanks! Wish I could capture the whole island, but I guess that’s not how the Earth works lol

let me bump this topic because i want to revive taiwan and it’s specialty along with other community users. hopefully @TaipeiGuru can get active again. (haven’t seen him since february)

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Seeing the earth from infinite flight is spectacular, especially from 100k ft where the curvature is visible. Awesome shot!

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glad you’re still active! let’s revive taiwan