From 100,000 Feet - Seychelles/Mauritius

Haven’t done one of these in a hot minute, my apologies

Server: Solo
Aircraft: F-22



Edited with Adobe Lightroom

Requested by @Captain_JR


Who can tell me the proper pronunciation of Mauritius?

  • mar-it-ee-uhs
  • mar-ish-uhs

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OMG! Wow just Amazing! Love how you got the whole island in the photo! :D

Thanks. It’s actually zoomed in.

Wow so realistic! The peaks of those mountains even look like clouds!

I believe they are clouds. Occasionally you’ll see a cloud pasted onto the scenery of the earth.

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Looks pretty nice!

Lol I figured a lot of people would have gotten the poll wrong (like me, until 2 days ago)

@Siddhansh thanks!

Many Many Thanks for taking my request into consideration and fulfilling it. The pictures looks soooo incredibly stunning!! Seeing these pictures is a very vibrant and beautiful way to start the weekend 🤩

Those are beautiful!

Wow, Amazing!

@Captain_JR Everyone who previously submitted a request is getting it :)

@BennyBoy_Alpha @Captain_Awerty Thanks!

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I’m thankful that you included both of my requests in one post, these pictures, once again, looks stunning and side by side really shows the beauty of the two locations :)

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Love it! I actually flew out of Mauritius for the FNF! Great island.

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