From 100,000 Feet - Qatar

Been a hot minute since I’ve done this.

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Aircraft: F-22

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Requested by @AlphaSeven


Very very noice. Interesting to see that that’s a whole country ya got there in one pic.

When was the earliest known human inhabitation of Qatar?

  • 37,000 years ago
  • 46,000 years ago
  • 50,000 years ago
  • 71,000 years ago

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The correct answer to the last poll was 300,000, which 25% of people got correct.

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That’s a great pic and keep up with the 100,000 feet posts!

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Got several more on hand, but I need some more requests

Anchorage, AK would be awesome. Flat, but I think it’s absolutely beautiful. The Chugach Mountains and all the little bodies of water with little chunks of floating ice are perfect (even flat)👌

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I’ll list it! I’m sure I can get it to look like the terrain is there

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What does this have to do with the topic?

he’s taking requests for the next 100,000 feet topic bro…

Kinda gives you the scale of how small we are on Earth. You can barely make out the grid of Doha. Scale that to the peninsula in the frame and then to the world. Awesome shot!

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Just a little trivia for some fun… done it on all my other 25 or so topics, so it’s fine

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Thanks, Nate!

I think it’s cool how you can still see Hamad International Airport even at 100,000ft up

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Lovely to see a high-up perspective of my country where I live! Great photo!

Thank you!