From 100,000 Feet - Panama City

Server: Solo

Aircraft: F-22

Requested by @brunocr98


Wow. What a great pic! Thank you for sharing!

How many rivers does Panama have?

  • ~500
  • 875
  • ~1600
  • 130

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Wow another amazing place I’ve been to personally. Looks amazing in Infinte Flight just how the approach is in real life. Great job @Altaria55 👌😁

Great Photo!

Now that looks real, like, real real. Stunning photo there awesome job!

Stunning landscape!

Oh boy that’s a beauty!

Oh thanks for doing Panama!

That’s an amazing shot! 🇵🇦🙌🏽

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If you’re taking requests, I would love to see Brussels from the sky!

Didn’t know we have that many rivers, I wonder how I passed my social science classes back in school, shame on myself 👀 Anyways, I never get tired of watching my city in the maps, and the wonderful approach while landing at Tocumen Airport. Thanks!


Great pic as always @Altaria55:)
If your taking suggestions, I would love to see Nantes from the sky!

Great picture, including the Panama channel!

This is really a great series, which I highly enjoy. Looking forward to the next one, thanks for sharing!

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Great pic Altaria!

Nice shot!

Thanks guys!

It sure is!

Sure thing, I’ll put y’all down tomorrow!


Thanks mate! I appreciate it! 😁