From 100,000 Feet - Hong Kong/Guangzhou Metropolis

Server: Solo

Aircraft: F-22

Edited with Adobe Lightroom

This was not requested by anybody, but rather a location selected by myself. The next post will feature Juneau, Alaska, as requested by @Butter_Boi and @anon38496261.


Holy, that is one congested region! Beautiful shot!

@Altaria55 I suggest you go to the Alps, (LSGS) with fog!

Beautiful. Can you do TXKF/Bermuda next?

Now that’s a nice shot! I really like these pictures that you take 👌

@AlphaSeven Got it!

@anon41771314 Juneau, AK is next. Bermuda will have to be voted in.

@Chris_Wing Thanks!


You say it’s not requested but then you say it was? Ok, very cool!

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Read it again, but slowly.

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Wow that is an amazing shot

Thank you!

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Jesus I’m an absolute blabbering idiot.

Still waiting for Cyprus.


Nice shots @Altaria55

Do a shot over SKBO

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You haven’t yet failed to impress me with these photos, this is a great region you found, it’s awesome!

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Thank you!


That’s a huge area of dense population! Thanks for sharing!

It is, thanks!


Hey, guys! I currently have a very large list of recommendations from y’all. I will be going through every single one of them in the order they were recommended. I will try to post them in three day intervals (@Tsumia expect to see cyprus in a week or two).

I will not be taking requests during this time.