From 100,000 Feet - Bogotá, Colombia

Server: Solo

Aircraft: F-22

Edited with Adobe Lightroom

Requested by @Micah_Brazil


What’s Bogotá’s altitude above sea level?

  • 10,640 feet
  • 8,660 feet
  • 6,110 feet
  • 9,930 feet

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The correct answer to yesterday’s trivia question was 181, which 65% of people got correct. I’m certain most of you googled that, anyway.


I’m taking requests again!

Feel free to request anywhere you want to see. I’ll gladly do it (if I haven’t already).


Since you took a picture of a capital city in Latin America, I recommend this city.

I’d say do Taiwan, Sao Tomé, Bioko Island, New Caledonia or even Crete. Any of those I’m fine with.

Do more of these!! Like the Grand Banks or something. Also how do you get so high up?
Do you just set autopilot and than set your weight and balance?

Xiamen, China

not meeee :)))))

Do KLAX if you haven’t already.

These photos are amazing!

YAY!!! Home of AVVA!!!

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Great shot, the editing is perfect as it brings out every single building!

Mind doing Singapore or Doha, Qatar?

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Probably all of Qatar would be feasible at this point.

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You got it!

Pick one of those lol

I don’t think getting all of Taiwan is possible since when I flew halfway across the world in an XCub at 115,000 feet (and 14,000 knots) I passed just south of Taiwan and could only see the southern tip.

What’s the Grand Banks? The Newfoundland one? That wouldn’t be very interesting since it’s underwater and we can’t see underwater lol

I fly just above the ground at full throttle until I get to mach 2.50 (or higher, depending on the angle of the shot. For example, for this post, I took off from SKPQ and full throttled it all the way to SKBO and pulled up and flew vertically all the way up.

Corona in space what they gonna do

I’ll do the entire Los Angeles area… surprised it took this long for someone to request this lol

Thank you!

you want fog with those too i mean what

I’ll do both!

I mean, I got all of Lake Victoria in one shot, and Lake Victoria is precisely 5.94589931 times bigger, so I don’t doubt it

Also, posts will go back to the usual 2 to 3 day interval starting today


Nice shots.

Thank you!

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No fog this time 😂

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Hahaha I may be the first one to do these types of shots but you sure got your foot down to the floor. You are crushing it!

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Dang thats a big oof

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I think you could get it with the weird FOV from freecam.