From 100,000 Feet - Bali, Indonesia

Server: Solo

Aircraft: F-22

Edited with Adobe Lightroom

Requested by @LegendaryRoro88

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Woah! That’s super pretty

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Now that looks really cool, once again, another awesome photo from 100,000 feet!

Nice! Always like your 100,000 thousand feet topics!

@HelloSkyMan @Butter_Boi @KindaTartySliceOfPie Thanks guys!

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That looks beautiful - I really wanna go there IRL…

Could you do the very Far East of russian next?

@BennyBoy Thanks!

@Gm2kmike20 That’s a very big place, so I’ll need more specification. I’m not currently taking suggestions, as there is a very long line ahead of you, so remind me at a later date.

How do you get up that high

I’ll make a tutorial and feature it in the next post

Also, happy birthday!


Thank you!!!

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That’s unBalievable!


That looks really nice! This stuff is becoming very popular!

Thank you!


That’s cool! You should do Aspen next!

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I’m not currently taking suggestions, remind me at another time.

Another awesome 100k feet picture 🤩

Thank you!

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