From 100,000 Feet - Addis Ababa

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Aircraft: F-22

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Requested by @Aero


Meaning “natural spring”, what alternate name is Addis Ababa known by?

  • Konso
  • Orome
  • Dembech’A
  • Finfinne

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The correct answer to the last poll was Golden Hinde, which 12% of people got correct.

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Finally my home countries capital city gets some recognition. THX @Aero

Also nice shot u took


Now you can actually say

without half-lying.


How do u do a half lie? Plz tell quickly ASAP in PMs I need an excuse 2 tell some1

I Rad from 100,000 feet and it’s already a like ;) Realy cool colours and a really interesting scenery. Thanks for sharing!

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With the fog on Addis Ababa is absolutely amazing