Frigid Spotting - @ KDEN - December 12th, 2020

Hey all! Last weekend I ventured out to DEN to catch some special planes that were operating for the holiday season. It was a freezing 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees Celsius for my non-U.S. friends), but it didn’t snow when I was there. I’ll determine if there will be a part two after I edit more photos, and if there is, it will be out next week, so keep an eye out for that! I hope you enjoy the photos, and let’s get into them!

Please ask for permission before using any of my photos. Thank you!

Photo One: The first plane I saw this day was just a normal United 777-222(ER) rocking the “old” livery, which are pretty common sights here at DEN, with around 5-10 777-200s appearing at DEN. This one, N222UA, a 19.4 year old example, was operating “United 2465 Heavy” from Chicago (ORD).

Photo Two: Up next, was actually one I was excited to see, despite it just being another Delta 737-932(ER). Delta doesn’t have a lot of these aircraft left equipped without split scimitars, so it was nice to see one for once. Here’s N901DN, a 2.4 year old example, arriving from New York-LaGuardia (LGA) as “Delta 2377”

Photo Three: Continuing, here’s another plane I was glad to catch. “Stretch” the Great Blue Heron, a 2.5 year old Airbus A320-251N, is the 62nd Frontier tail I’ve spotted this year. “Stretch” was operating “Frontier Flight 265” from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas (DFW)

Photo Four: Immediately after “Stretch”, came a flight from the other major Dallas airport. N8641B, a 6.4 year old 737-8H4, still sporting the amazing Canyon Blue livery, is seen soaring on final from Dallas-Love (DAL) as “Southwest 3132”.

Photo Five: This one starts a trio of special liveries. Aeromexico seems to have become a larger carrier at DEN recently, with me seeing two flights of theirs this day. Here’s the first one I saw. XA-AMM, a 6.6 year old Boeing 737-852, or the CDMX -“Cultural Capital of the Americas” livery, is seen on final from Mexico City (MEX) as “Aeromexico 658”

Photo Six: The second member of the trio of specials is Alaska’s “Boeing 100 years strong” livery, or N248AK, a 4.5 year old Boeing 737-990(ER), is seen on short final from Portland, Oregon (PDX) as “Alaska 616”

Photo Seven: I don’t know if you can count this as a special livery, but I guess I will. Here’s Delta’s “Spirit of Seattle” sticker livery, registered as N809DN, a 7.1 year old 737-932(ER), arriving from you guessed it, Minneapolis (MSP), as “Delta 1286”.

Photo Eight: This was not the plane I came for, but I was very relieved to finally see this one. Although this may just be another 737-8H4 of Southwest, this one is the only one I have flown on to date, three years ago, when it was still in the “Canyon Blue” livery. N8603F is an 8.5 year old frame, seen arriving from Chicago (MDW) as “Southwest 2254”.

Photo Nine: Next up, was an old Frontier livery that I desperately needed to re-shoot. I’m glad I was able to finally re-see a plane I took such a bad photo of earlier in the year. I’ve flown on this tail animal before, named “Montana” the Elk, but when it was on an A318. Here’s N213FR, a 9.6 year old Airbus A320-214, named “Montana”, arriving from Chicago (ORD) as “Frontier Flight 413”

Photo Ten: Finally, this is the reason I went to the airport. I have never seen a Delta widebody, until now. Delta was using it’s small fleet of 767-400s for domestic runs from Atlanta to cities on the west coast, and I wanted to see them before they were replaced with narrowbodies. I was also lucky to catch the first production 767-400 as well. Here’s N825MH, Delta’s first 767-400, at 21.2 years old, seen on short final to runway 35L as “Delta 968 Heavy” from Atlanta (ATL)

That wraps up this spotting edition. Stay tuned for part two if I decide to make it! Let me know which one was your favorite!

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Visibility go bye bye


These look great, especially that United Triple at the beginning!

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I’m out of likes but those pictures are hot!



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yes thank you for being obvious since visibility was bad mr. wu

Thank you!



it’s Master Wu

Did you see any planes at De-Icing pads?

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cool photos! these are really nice. haha get it

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I still don’t know where you go spotting there and I really wanna know cause it looks so fun 🤩 and amazing pics. This is definitely an awesome winter break activity.

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No, since I was too far away from the pads.

so funny hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahah

I take pictures at the parking garages, 120th avenue (where I spotted last time) and 56th avenue (where I was for that session.) If you need exact locations, shoot me a message!


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