Friends list

I think there should a feature that lets you add friends and invite them into your game, almost like the Xbox Live system. You can party up and just have a great time flying!


But you can just meet them in any server assuming you have the XP

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Right, but some people who I flew with I can’t find them anymore. Adding a feature like this will give me the ability to shoot someone a friend request (assuming they accept) I can join in whenever they are playing when I see them on or something like that…

When you say you cant find them what do you mean? Did you just fly with friends when you seen them flying or? If you have Facebook you should look at joining IFFG, Some one in the group will be around to meet with you and fly on a server

Yea like I met someone on Zello, but they had gone inactive. Having a friends list would be an easy tool for me to add them and whenever they’re on I can go join them for a flight

Most of us use Facebook for that kinda thing so in my opinion a friends list in app isnt needed. I understand not everyone has/wants fb but its the easiest way to find people to fly with.

Oh, it’s not necessarily an app. It in-built into the IF.

Thats what I meant by “in app” :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry buddy! Read it as an app

No problem lol

Bringing this back up. I feel it would be great to have a friends list. So you can see what friends are online and meet with them. Also maybe a follow list, so say you want to “follow” a specific player, but are not friends with them you’ve do that too. This can also lead to in game chat so you can see what other pilots’ intentions are during flight.


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Alright so maybe no follow list but a friend list would still be good. You would have to approve friend requests

Or maybe an “appear offline button”

and get a notification from the app when a friend on your list is online

Like that one

Infinite Flight
grxninesix (FDS301), from your friendlist, is online at KLAX in ATC Playground! Join him now!

I think this is also a good idea, for people in VAs, it could really help organizing group events.

This feature is now here, with “Infinite Pilots” app
But i never get notifications…

  • make sure you don’t force quit
  • make sure you use it often
  • make sure background app refresh is turned on