Friendly Reminder

When Tower tells you frequency change approved after departing, do not tune to Approach frequency. Just tune out of your frequency and you’re good. When approach has a lot of planes, this can be even more distracting to them. If tower wants you to switch to approach, they will specifically tell you to contact approach.

This has been happening a lot recently on the Expert Server and it needed to be addressed. Happy landings!


Great advice for all pilots. Everyone please take note.


It’s a common occurrence when aircraft contact approach when they’re departing after given “frequency change approved”. If you were given “frequency change approved” and you contact approach, it not only gives the controller more work (and if they don’t want departures, it’s because they’re busy already), but the likelihood is that you won’t receive quality service from them, as they are too busy trying to vector arrivals safely. Rocco sums this up perfectly.

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I usually tune into approach of there’s no departures. I tune to approach but don’t talk, I just “check in” as I am listening to what’s going on around me. This helps me to better navigate and avoid incoming aircraft and it avails me to ATC if I need to be vectored around another aircraft. I usually fly freehand(without AP) up to almost FL200, so it helps me to know what’s going on around me.

I’ll try that when I see an ATC next time. My World tour already brings me to places where no plane is within a range of 1000NM and often more :o hopefully there is an ATC when I visit EGLL and then I try my communication skills

The point of this post is to point out you shouldn’t be doing exactly that. If approach wanted you on the frequency tower would have handed you over.


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