Friendly Reminder About Calling in to Approach

Only call in to approach when you are at or below 18000 feet and within 50NM of your destination airport. Don’t call in at FL310 20NM away or 9000 feet 80NM away. Yes, even pilots with IFC in their display names have been doing this so I felt this reminder was necessary. Thanks, and as always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Sorry, was calling in because I could and was descending through FL180. Let me know my mistake and I will try to fix it next time. :)

Lol you’re good! You’re not the only one that inspired me to create this topic. Calling at fl200 isn’t as bad as those who call in from the moon 😜

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Yeah I was like 70 nm out and around FL180-FL200 so I could’ve made a mistake but maybe not. Idk. ✈️

Are you IFATC @RTG113

Yes he is.


Didn’t know about this rule thanks for letting me know so I can correct my mistakes next time

Oh okay. I have a question: if someone is overflying your airport (probably asleep) that you are controlling as approach, would you rather the person descend themselves into your airspace and wait until they pass FL180 until they contact you, or contact you as soon as they start the descent.

If they are overflying the airport at cruise, it’s really not. in. your. airspace

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This exhibit taken from the public ATC Manual covers our on-guarding procedures (i.e. when you should be in contact with ATC).

You can read more about all our guidelines here:


I’ve always thought you could contact approach from at least 80nm out and at 18000 ft, or is that Atis at 80nm out?

The worst is when pilots announce inbound when there is approach instead of calling inbound. Also, do not call in inbound on the ILS when there is no approach

You only need to announce inbound on the ILS if they actually clear you for it. If you’ve been cleared on the GPS, call inbound on the GPS. 😊 Same goes with visual.

Uh isn’t it not possible to see the direct distance to the airport if I have a STAR in my FPL?

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