Friendly get together with IFATCLewis @ EGBB - 012000ZAPR17 [CLOSED]

For all those who know me or would just like a group flight come fly tonight in the London region at 2000Z EGBB - EGHH on Expert.

Speed below FL100- 220kias
Climb Vs 3000fpm after FL100 2500fpm
Cruise Speed 320kias
Cruise ALT FL300
TOD - 90NM Idle Throttle

Flight plan from myself.

🤗 Have fun!


Can I come to your subscription

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Of corse anyone is welcome 🙂

nice to see you about

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I’ll probably be joining you Lewis. What gate will you be at?

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Just any gate Matt 🙂 Probably gate 5

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I would seriously come but your event is the exact same time as an FVA and Lufthansa VA SkyHub event. My deepest apologies. Hope it goes well :)

This still on @IFATClewis

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