Friendly Feedback to ATC friends

Today inbound SAEZ.

  1. Lanar 683 inbound from the south to ILS 35. Rather than sequencing me straight in to 35, vectored left crosswind around the airport. That’s fine. It was busy. But when I was 30nm north of SAEZ I thought Approach May have forgotten about me so I “check in”. Response was not to send duplicate messages. Really? I think a better response would have been “roger”. This lets the pilot know Approach is watching and sequencing, even if it seems wayward.

  2. After landing, SAEZ, exiting the runway just after the hold line at 7 knots gs, Ground transmits “active airport please contact Ground”. Please give pilots a chance to switch frequencies before sending this message.

Just friendly feedback. ATC crew is awesome!




Why is that.? Isn’t it better to share with the community?

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Hey, firstly as you mentioned you knew the airport was busy, so there was no need to check in again, even if you where 30NM away from the airport. Approach controls the airspace in a 50NM radius of the airport, with aircraft at or below 18,000 feet AAL.

Secondly, once you exit past the hold short line you should stop on the taxiway as soon as possible, so that ground can clear you to taxi to parking when appropriate.


I don’t really see how it would benefit the community. The controllers are gonna be the ones to give you the explanation. Therefore, the community isn’t gonna help you in any way.

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If you’re gonna give feedback to IFATC, please do it in a PM instead of an unnecessary topic.


Don’t agree. A “roger” would have been more informative. Too many unnecessary negative warnings from ATC.

Sub-taxiway was long and no need to stop for parking instructions.

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I consider the topic necessary.

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Not saying that real life procedures apply to IF but they stop after the hold short line. It is also the correct thing to do (in IF). Declan, is also an IFATC trainer and officer so he knows his stuff. If it’s busy you can expect a delay, and it’s cluttering the frequency since there’s no need for the message.

Just because YOU consider it necessary doesn’t mean the forum does :)

If you’d like to discuss it further, PM me (like you should have done to the controller!).


Warnings aren’t unnecessary. Don’t send duplicate messages and you won’t get a ‘avoid sending duplicate messages’ warning.

You should always be stopping as you clear the hold short line until you receive taxi instructions, especially on a busy airport.

If you would like to discuss this further don’t hesitate to send me a PM, and we can discuss.


Well, I’m a paying member of the forum so respectfully I am voicing an opinion. If such community member voices are preferred to be censored then I’ll not post. Why are you policing constructive community discourse?

You are more than welcome to voice your opinions, and so is everyone on this forum.

We are just providing facts on why you received a duplicate messages warning, and also why you thought that approach forgot about you.


Can you create a pm with him and discuss further there. He is a basic user thus wont be able to create one. Cheers.

Advising me not to create the topic for community consumption is far from “welcoming”. Why is it more beneficial to provide feedback via PM to the controller than to air it it in the forum for everyone to learn and comment? My feedback to ATC was not malicious nor was it without merit.


Not saying that. The community have nothing to learn. IFATC are very experienced and understand what they are doing. Not to sound rude but the only learning that needs done is on your behalf, to avoid sending duplicate messages, also when the airspace is busy approach likely hasn’t forgotten about you, and to stop once you past the hold short line.

Have a good day.


It’s jus best to pm the controller and hopefully u can learn something new and become a better pilot on IF :)

To add on to what Declan said, feel free to read through any and all public #tutorials.

You can also read through the Public IFATC Manual ( if you have any questions with ATC procedures.

Can we stop with the PM stuff?

“Forum:” defined as a place which facilitates the free exchange of ideas.

Even if it isn’t yours.


Right Tim, that’s kind of my thought too.

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I disagree. Community stands to benefit from an open and honest discussion. People will read and learn. I dont think he was trying to teach the controller anything, rather to open a topic of conversation from which other members in the community can benefit. Why the censorship? Worst case scenario its an educational experience for others that are reading.