"Friending" on here and live

Today, I was wondering after numerous times of thinking in my head about a new feature that could be implemented into the forum as well as live. This being able to “friend” or “add” a member of live or the forum to a “friends list”. For example, if I were to have a really good relationship with a member on the forum, I could “add” them as a friend, to see what they may be doing on the forum, their status, etc. This would be alike to live. If I were to be in a group flight, and meet a really good controller, I could request to “friend” him so we could fly together when we were both available. What do you think?


Gr8 idea (HINT for FDS)


Yeah this is a really good idea and i would love to see it happen. I do remember something like this being posted a while back , however i cant find the thread …


Theres an app available called Infinite Pilots where you can add a fellow pilots username and it will tell you whether he or she is online and what region said player is flying in. It is available for a small fee on the Apple Store. Not sure about Google Play, can someone confirm?


And maybe if you have a pilot as a friend, you can send certain transmissions to them such as:

Me to pilot: "D345JF, good day!"
Pilot back to me: “Good day, N1NH”

But you have to be within a certain range to send them a transmission. 🙂


5 mile radius?

That would be truly awesome !

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Yes, yes and yes

Although maybe only to that person so it didn’t clutter the frequency?

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That idea is absolutely genius. I would personally love to see this implemented.

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This would also need to include some sort of messaging system in-game. Flyfi’s idea is nice, as long as other pilots can’t hear it.


Thanks for the support guys!

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Yea, maybe if it was implemented, microphone capability

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I think in the Sim aswell your friends come up in a bold colour so you know where they are

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Or at least a different color.

I’m sorry, but forget global ! The friends online idea needs to be made a reality right now 👍🏼!


i think thats a good idea. i also think that if you dont have a membership you should be able to play with there friends but only if they are online. you can go on there if they are online.Or they should have a hole new server that beginners could play on so they can warm up to the rules and the proper way to fly the plane.
if they cant do that then they should at least implement ATC into the solo mode because solo mode is kind of really boring and just isn’t fun playing without any other planes or ATC

Waste of time. This is a flight simulator, not a minecraft server. Would take up server space also.


No. I hate everyone.


😂😂😂. Okay, I nearly spit out my coffee.

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