Friend Spots Embraer E190 E2 at the Manchester Boston Regional airport

It’s another rare plane! My friend went to the airport and saw this elegant Embraer E190 E2 sitting on the Signiture Flight Support Ramp area! The MRJ Jet is also there as well! My friend told me that they’re doing “ice testing”, and I was pretty shocked that they would send a brand new E190 E2 to New Hampshire! I guess MHT is getting lucky with rare planes :)

I don’t know when It will leave, as I really want to film it taking off.

Credit goes to my friend Tom Heath

Credit goes to Joe Bryan, a local MHT spotter


Yet another great sighting at MHT. Hopefully this comes down to Boston sometime.


Nice! The engines look way oversized, and the wings aren’t as beautiful as I was expecting. Pretty good wing flex though.

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oversized engines? what? they look normal to me.

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I love the ERJ’s! That’s a cool sight.

They’re massive compared to the fuselage! Even bigger than the A320neo’s when compared to its fuselage.

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No, they’re definitely bigger. :)


More fuel efficient Engines

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They’re fuel efficient, and waaaay bigger

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@anon31652286 @Daniel_Cerritos PR-ZFV is an Embraer E190-E2 (ERJ-190-300 STD). They are fitted with 2× Pratt & Whitney PW1919G/21G/22G/23G, providing 19,000 lbf (85 kN), 21,000 lbf (93 kN) 22,000 lbf (98 kN) and 23,000 lbf (100 kN) of thrust respectively. These engines have a 12:1 high bypass ratio, which makes them extremely fuel efficient. Also, they have selected raked wingtips instead of winglets, which reduces drag and makes the aircraft - you guessed it - more fuel efficient.


Yeah I’d heard the GE90 is really fuel efficient for its size. Same goes for all engine size upgrades I guess. And if you didn’t know, Boeing designed the wings with Embraer, based off the 787.


@Nathan Yes its diffrent here us MHT spotter want to go to boston to spot thats funny

Great spot, Lovely plane!

True, I always want to go to Boston to spot lol

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