Friend Requests

I feel like the Infinite Flight Community page could use a friend request system that most video games and stuff have, it would be a nice touch to the IFC. (Keep in mind this is for the Infinite Flight Community and not the actual simulator.)


If it’s not for the simulator, it belongs in #meta.

Also, this seems more like a feature Discourse would need to add, not the IFC.


Sorry about that.

We’re all friends here on the IFC! No reason to include or exclude people :)


If your looking for a more personal approach to the community, I’d recommend joining discord servers, slacks, etc. that are centered around the game!

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I mean in all seriousness we are all aviation friends aren’t we? That’s the common ground and that’s what keeps us continuing discourse.

I’m not quite sure what there is to gain by having a friends list besides some unnecessary bragging rights.


I agree! this could be very unique to see, it also allows you to connect with people that you like to fly with and see if they are online, etc.

I agree with some users above, this shouldn’t be used for popularity, perhaps only you can see the number of friends you have?

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I didnt mean to say it that way.

I dont feel like anybody really brags about how many friends they have though.

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