Friend list

I think it would be kind of cool if there was a way of adding friends so it will notify you when your friend(s) are on and you could join them at the closest airport by them

Or you can just join a VA. Just a thought. 😏


Those are what VAs and Flying Groups are for. 👍

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It’s for the less fortunate in the IF world

All it takes is a simple application…

Hi there,

This has been previously requested. For the future, please be sure to search for a topic before creating it.

Thanks for understanding.


Well maybe we’re also lazy and don’t want some 3rd party app to be our primary way to contact people using IF.

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As I’m concerned, Slack and Discord are not third party apps. If anything, this forum would be a third party app because we have to download/add to our home screen from the actual site.

Or maybe just not be lazy… (I meant that in the kindest way possible.)

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Omg not another feature request! (Sorry if I am sounding rude I like the idea)


Lol you should know that feature requests are not gonna stop coming.


Well, I’ll have you know ‘Chef Skittlez’, I am very lazy and can’t be bothered to make accounts to join other apps. I usually sit around eating skittlez all day, ironically enough. Lel

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You eat Skittles therefore you are now forgives and have an excuse.

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If there was a Friends list, I’d add you too it

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Take a look at this app, not sure if it’s still available or being developed but you can follow pilots and controllers and it notifys you when they are flying.

I think this was @Axel_B app?

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