Friend cannot contact ATC

A few hours ago I made a post about how my friend who’s returned to the game after so long was having issues seeing other planes. That has been fixed.

But now he cannot contact the ATC. He’s able to send messages but he says ATC’s are not able to receive them.


Support team?

My friend requested a pushback clearance, waited too long sent an another request, then waited and got disconnected. It appears that the ATC has responded but he probably didn’t receive the messages?

We need help please.

Here’s some steps:

Before asking anything, make airplane mode in for about 15 seconds and then back off. If you think you got a message, ask the atc on a pm or request your wish again.

I also got disconnected uncountable times because of this, but do the steps above and you should be good

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Is he on a VPN? And/or is his connection is strong?

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Given the previous topic about your friends connectivity issues, there’s obviously something funky going on there.

As previously asked;

WiFi health/strength?
Possible to try a different connection source (WiFi/Cellular)?

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Hello! He says he’s not connected to a VPN, and has a stable WiFi connection.

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Hello! He says he’s not connected to a VPN, and has a stable WiFi connection.

The device Is a 10th iPad 2022.

I asked him to test his WiFi speed, I’m waiting for his response.

Would re-installing make any difference?

Could it be the speed?

No. Speed isn’t the issue here.
Packets are only going one way.

We see this sometimes with certain service providers or VPNs. It is under investigation from our end but it’s a long process.

Best advice I can give here is trying to use a different connection source if possible

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We’ll try that for now, I’ll keep you all updated.

Unfortunately, he still has the issue. We tried everything even the stuff that used to work yesterday such as airplane mode. He cannot contact ATC or see other planes.

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