Friend can’t buy subscription using play store credits

Whenever my friend tries to buy a subscription for IF Pro his transaction is “declined”. He’s using play store credits and has enough credits to purchase the subscription. Me and him just want to be able to fly together for a bit. I bought him the credits and they redeemed successfully however the transaction doesn’t work.

Note: this is really more aimed at staff.

I don’t think Infinite Flight accepts credits, otherwise they would’ve said that.

Pro tip: if you want to buy subscription, use real money as that 100% will work.

I can’t just give him my card ya know

Then you can ask him to pay and you’ll repay him. Works for me :)

He hasn’t got a current account. His situation isn’t the greatest

You can always give him a present, but if you really want to pay with credits I don’t think it’ll be possible

How do I give him a present? Wym?

By buying a subscription for him. I believe that’s possible

For the first month I had infinite flight, I paid for it by using an iTunes gift card. But then again, I am using iOS not android.

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