Friend Attempts to be ATC (The epic sequel)

So, some people may have seen my “Friend Attempts to Play IF” post that I made four days ago. If you have not seen it, it can be found here. So if you haven’t seen it head on over there and leave me a reply. Getting the communities thoughts are one of the most valuable things to me. So now for some real Background info, after recording the last video I kinda forced my friend to go on training server and be ATC, He was tower because in my opinion tower is the easiest one(Still a bad idea). Long story short he sent the airport into chaos really fast, especially considering this particular group of people on the training server were compliant (Oopsie). Anyways more Hilarity ensues and as always, don’t worry my friend consented to being recorded. (Quick note: Ignore the whole “Ghost” section, it’s just a quick note I pointed out in editing about I sound I didn’t hear while recording and decided to put it in there)

Flight Info: None (ATC)
Server: Training server
Time: Noon

Here is the video and don’t forget to reply with your thoughts!


I would say that for some people watching this can leave them very frustrated😤, but in my opinion I do not see anything wrong in fact that is why we have 3 different levels, because not everyone has the game to follow the rules in the right way, some people are like your friend having fun doing what he was doing, we can not prohibit someone who pays his money to have the game to have fun as he wants🤑.
so I am grateful to the developers for having thought of all the possibilities, imagine him doing this in the expert server (ES), some people ask why we can not have ATC access in the expert, I would say that this is the reason why not everyone can have access as ATC in ES, because there people want to have the closest experience of reality (including me😎💪), we have two types of players🤩. …
it’s the second video of yours that I’m watching and it’s actually funny to see how he tries to play😁, last time he did not get the landing almost, it was a lot of fun watching that, have fun😋.


Some people though do not meet the requirements to access ES, meaning XP, hours, etc., so it means, that they want to do their flight as professional as possible.

Although your friend might have enjoyed it, the pilots in this session didn’t. Imagine being on the TS and having someone spam you with sorry more than 7 times, not so cool from my side. You could have picked a non-busy airport instead and not one that is always crowed :(

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