Friend and party system for IF

I think it would be a cool idea to add a friend and party system to IF. For example: you can send friend requests to people in the app itself (there should also be an option to mute friend requests for content creators etc.). They can then accept the friend request and then you’ll be added to each others friend list. There you can see all your online friends and what route/aircraft they are flying.

There should also be an option to invite people on your friends list to your party. When 2 players are together in a party they can see each other on the map at all times (even when far away) and they will have a different color on the map. They can communicate via an ingame party chat (party members only).

I think this system would make the already big community that IF has even better since people can now interact with each other a lot easier.

As for the chat part, sure. But how would a party system benefit the game? Other than seeing your friends on the map, there’s not much to it.

You can organize flights with people on your friends list. There could maybe also be a Join Flight feature where you can spawn in at an airport they’re at (if they’re on ground). A lot of games with big multiplayers have systems like these in place to make things more engaging for users that want to do a lot of things together. We can currently do some of these things here on the IFC but it would be much more practical on the app itself.

I’ll give you my vote.

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Much appreciated! Thanks

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Bump, yes I think we do need this. It would be interesting.

I think adding the friend system in a simulator is kind of digress from the subject, development should focus on the realism, that’s why we have a community here.