Friday Night Tributes

The end of an era

Hey everyone, I wasn’t going to make this topic, but I felt wrong not sending Friday Night Flights off with a screenshot topic considering all the fun it’s brought for us over the years, and so I present you a short tribute to all the great times we’ve had, enjoy!

Cheers 🥂

My final FNF flight

Air Canada 787-9
5:30 flight time

Thank you to the infinite flight team for putting in all the time to unite the community every Friday. Friday night flights will never be forgotten. Thank you for all the memories.


❤️ Friday Night Flight❤️

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Peace ✌️


FNF will be missed!! Nice pictures! @AirCanadaVirtual

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Nice shots! Sad that the FNFs are gone !

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Great shots, FNF will be missed but exited for the new things to come

Definitely will be, and thank you!

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It will be missed indeed, I hope that the new idea lives up to FNFs name! Thanks for viewing!

@Pat098 for sure! Thanks for viewing!