Friday Night Flyout WIII-YSSY Pictures

Pictures of today’s Friday Night Flyout!
Flight from Jakarta Soekarno International Airport (WIII) to Sydney Kingsford International Airport (YSSY) in a Garuda Indonesia A330.

Lining up with Runway 7R

Goodbye Jakarta! Sydney here we come!

Beautiful Northern Australia!

On the approach into Sydney, runway 16L

Short Final w/ LAN Cargo 77F

3 amazing planes! Garuda Indonesia A330, Air Mauritius A350, LAN Cargo 777F!

Austrian 777 on its way to Vienna

And the ATC did an incredible job! Thanks a lot!


Those are some nice shots!

I believe this is an Austrian 777 ;)

Oh wow what a mess up! I guess I didn’t choose to read the airline name and just went off the colors! Ha ha :D

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There I fixed it! :D

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Nice shots! Looked pretty busy at YSSY like always when it’s featured

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It was so busy that even with my player rendering settings turned to the max, it still barely rendered any other aircraft!

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