Friday Night Flights

Hello everybody! I was wondering how I can see where the FNF flight is going to be/the route. When I search Friday Night Flight in the search bar, it shows me older flights. How do I look at the newest ones?

It’s because there has been many Friday Night Flight in the past

Here is the one for this week!

If you are wanting to look for the newer past FNFs I would go to Misha’s profile and click on topics to see all of the past FNFs he has made.

Edit: As others have mentioned, you can also go to #fnf I forgot there is that handy tag attached to them now…

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Thanks! How do I find them?

it’s always at the top of #live:events once it’s been posted if not you have it unpinned :)


Thank you.

The link to the one for this week was posted above. They are always posted sometime on Thursday. They are pinned so you should see them at the top of your page. Otherwise, use the link below to find older ones.

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You can also find it here #fnf

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You could also search the date in the format DDMMMYY, for example, “04SEP20”. Although other events will come up, FNF will be there, and there are usually only a few other results. They used to post it on Instagram, but they stopped doing that.

If you haven’t unpinned it, it will even show up on top of the main page of the IFC as well, which comes in very handy on top of the great hints shared above.

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