Friday Night Flight

Why isn’t the Friday Night Flight announced earlier ?
I think it would be great if they announced the FNF a few days before it takes place so that people have time to plan events etc.
E.g last week I hosted a event, but had to give out information around 24hrs before the event

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First of all this belongs in #meta Second of all 3 topics in 15 minutes is a lot, you need to chill it down a bit and maybe send a PM.

And second of all, to answer your question, FNF planning takes time, Misha has to coordinate with others to make a massive event for us! You should be thankful.


Someone literally just put it in live.
I have so many different people saying different topics, please just stick with one and stop changing it, thx

And not really, they could plan all the events Earlier (wouldn’t make any harm since they all would be earlier) or just give us a simple heads up of the main airport it will be at


Well don’t you like the surprise? I don’t see how you have to plan for an event that’s 24 hours long? You should have to have at least 1 hour to do a flight and have some fun? It’s the same time every week so there’s no surprise on the time.

I think part of it is stirring up excitement. FNFs wouldn’t be as fun if it was just another featured region/airport every Friday instead of a huge community event.

Also, as a rule of thumb I generally wouldn’t make any events that would conflict with a FNF. It’s not a rule, just it would be very empty.

You can PM @MishaCamp if you would like an answer.

  1. They take time to plan and last minute things can play into the decision
  2. People look forward to it.
  3. It has a history of being on that day
  4. Again, talk to Misha if you want details via PM.

Mate, you’re like this on every single forum I’m in where you also are in and the staff constantly need to moderate you. Try not to be so argumentative.

Follow the rules, and don’t complain. It is what it is.


Yeah it would be cool if they announced it a bit sooner but I think the surprise is pretty fun.


Also you’d better remove this quickly before the IF Police start bashing you (like they already have on this post).

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It serves as a timely reminder not to keep spamming topics and arguing with moderators. Of course, it should only occur when you have a history of behaving this way and need “reminding”. You should also know that topics can’t be deleted by the person that posts it…

From my point of view, topics should only be posted where necessary. That means not posting when it can be solved via PM that doesn’t clog the forum, and when the answer is obvious, as in this case. Simply don’t organise events that will clash with the FNF time that remains the same week to week. FNF details aren’t required 24 hours before the event, because they aren’t going to be beneficial to anyone.