Friday night flight

Tomorrow will be my first ever Friday night flight. I’m really excited about it but do you ever get any information about the event before the event starts? I don’t no where every one is flying to or what aircraft I’m exposed to use. If you have done a Friday night flight before please reach out. Thanks.

Hey mate, glad to see you’re excited for the FNF! Here are two topics that can help you;

This is the overall event thread.

If you’re planning to fly to FIMP, be sure to check out this helpful thread by @Will_A

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Thank you so much. This helped a lot. As much I am nervous about it I’m still really excited about it. You made my confidence go way higher than it was. Thanks once again.

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How did you get that information?

The FNF Information Thread is pinned so it is the top of the forum. Look out for it about 12 hours before it starts. The other thread I just found lying around the forum as a courtesy.

While you probably know most of this, I also encourage you to check this out if you haven’t already.

Well I’m glad I’m headed to FMEE…

Thanks for the information. FNF was amazing. Thanks.

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