Friday Night Flight: World Tourism in Madrid @ LEMD - 270600ZMAR20

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 11.42.16 AM

Guessed it lol!

I am super excited for this FNF, and I will probably do a long-haul with the Iberia A350-900 (or the Evelop).


Scenery is beautiful in many places of the world, not to say the least in Spain as you mentioned but I’m not that all about scenery and such, I’m more of a City type of person and thus I fly Hub to Hub but a nations landscape is always wonderful to see and be welcomed by 🤩


I was in Madrid yesterday for AAVA, now I have to turn around and head back lol

Great FNF Misha! Happy to participate :)

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I can already taste the Iberia 350!

Did not fly to Madrid in a long time. Looking to fly there tomorrow. Nice choice Misha!

You already know I’m going to make a group flight.

Oh yeah! Getting ready to fly BCN-MAD like 10 times


Ohh, Madrid is fun! Iberia, Evelop, Air Europa…Lots of choices for routes! Thanks Misha!

Lol there is as always a lot of Ryanair services ;)

Of course, of course I was just thinking long haul, but when you add in the shorter stuff there’s a ton more!

I know you are right :)


Nice, the capital city of Spain which is under complete lockdown and all real world flights cancelled… Realism as its best! Smh 🤦‍♂️


Not on infinite flight, it will always be open and never on lockdown 😉

Yeah but it’s not realistic.


I agree but otherwise we’re would you fly

It is also a way of support:)

If we follow realism at his best, you will not be able to fly to any European country, Singapore, Latin America, Italy… best is to still continue flying on IF.

Also we would fly with few airlines with less than middle of fleet


This will be an awesome FNF! I‘ll be doing CUN-MAD tonight with the Evelop A350 😃

The world is big mate… You have plenty of choice and why do you choose a city in Spain which is the third country after Italy for infected people? Madrid is a beautiful destination by the way…


If IF wanted to imitate max realism you’d probably have your subscription removed and the servers would shut down for a while to match some real world carriers also shutting down for a bit. Have it your way though.