Friday Night Flight - United in Chicago @ KORD - 291830ZAPR16

The 737 is one of my favourite planes to fly. Love the handling and smooth transition between AP on and manual controls :) I’ll be setting off now.

Is it still going on?

Yes but some airports are closed because we’ve been controlling for a quite a while so we’re taking a break. If you want full coverage I would say return in an hour or so :)

I didn’t know I hated Boeing so much since now.

Thanks to all the controlers for another great job. It was so busy that I was lagging just before touchdown making my landings a little bit bumpy to say the least.

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I really hate the 737 in IF now. I don’t think it performed too well in high altitude situations.

I was testing strong rudder input and it pitched and autopilot got disconnected. I lost all speed stalled and fell 20,000+ feet.

Lots of traffic today in Chicago for the FNF!


Hello I’m Cathay 747 heavy. I am going around and around top of the Airport.

Yeah. Well he lives in the otherside on the other side of the world. It’s a way we keep in contact.

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Flying to KMLI

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With my friend @Justin_Cardoso_Picar

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