Friday Night Flight Trivia Answers!

Each week our official Friday Night Flight has a small quiz in it. It’s there as a little bit of fun and also a learning experience where you can google the question to find the answer and learn a little more about a topic related to the event each time.

Below are the answers to the questions from the past year. Let us know how many you got in the poll below or in a comment!

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Week 1 - Q) What is the common calendar that a majority of the world uses to mark time passing? A) The Gregorian Calendar
Week 2 - Q) During the 2016/2017 years, what famous football team did Qatar Airways sponsor? A) Barcelona
Week 3 - Q) How many island make up Indonesia? A) Over 13,000
Week 4 - Q) Kangchenjunga, the second highest peak in Nepal, was believed to be the highest until what date? A) The mid 19th Century
Week 5 - Q) In 1836, the files for a fire hydrant patent were lost in what Washington DC based incident? A) They were burnt after a fire at the patent office


Week 1 - Q) What was Cathay Pacific’s first aircraft, and what was its name? A) DC-3 / Betsy
Week 2 - Q) How many moose are roaming around Sweden? A) 300,000 - 400,000
Week 3 - Q) What was the route of Viva Aerobus’ first flight? A) Monterrey to Leon
Week 4 - Q) What Asian airline with a white and yellow colour scheme operated a charter only to Xi’an? A) Royal Brunei


Week 1 - Q) CDGs first terminal, terminal 1, was built in the image of what animal? A) Octopus
Week 2 - Q) How many capital cities does South Africa have, and is Johannesburg one of them? A) No, 3
Week 3 - Q) In Japanese culture, what is Hanami? A) A Japanese custom of appreciating flowers
Week 4 - Q) According to the AOPA, which of the following is not required for flying GA into the Caribbean? A) Pilots must have a minimum of 100 hours under IFR conditions to enter Caribbean airspace


Week 1 - Q) Padre Island is the second longest island in the contiguous United States. What is the longest? A) Long Island
Week 2 - Q) TNT is not just a well-known delivery company, but the term is also the abbreviation for a common type of explosive used in demolitions. What is the full name of this? A) Trinitrotoluene
Week 3 - Q) After New York’s JFK, what are the 5 most popular airport in the Eastern USA? A) KMIA, KATL, KORD, KEWR, KBOS
Week 4 - Q) As of summer 2019, how many routes were served out of Heathrow Airport? A) 203
Week 5 - Q) How many 3D airports are coming in 21.1? A) 21


Week 1 - Q) Haneda’s 4th runway, known as runway D, was opened in which year? A) 2010
Week 2 - Q) What percentage did air travel decrease in Europe in 2020 from the previous year? A) 69.9%
Week 3 - Q) The Indian Ocean has roughly what % of all the surface water on earth in it? A) 20%
Week 4 - Q) As of 2017, how many helipads did Sao Paulo have, and how many helicopters landed and departed daily? A) 210 and 1300


Week 1 - Q) What unique entertainment feature is attached to Seoul International, designed specifically to attract passengers in transit? A) A golf course
Week 2 - Q) What Greek Goddess was Goddess of harvest and agriculture? A) Demeter
Week 3 - Q) At 540.1 meters, the massive Ostankino TV and Radio Tower is Moscow is almost exactly the same height as what famous building? A) One World Trade Centre
Week 4 - Q) What aircraft holds the fastest sub-sonic passenger crossing between JFK and LHR A) B744


Week 1 - Q) As of 2017, over how many variants, however small, had been made of the C130? A) 32
Week 2 - Q) A replica of which famous aircraft can be found at Carolinas Aviation Museum at KCLT? A) A model of the Wright Brothers’ Flyer
Week 3 - Q) The UAE is made up of how many emirates? A) 7
Week 4 - Q) The area in which Durban sits has been inhabited since what year? A) 100,000 B.C.
Week 5 - Q) What type of architectural area do KLM name their A330s after? A) Famous city squares


Week 1 - Q) What was the first slogan for Delta in 1929? A) Speed, Comfort, and Safety
Week 2 - Q) What was the first hub airport of Saudi Airlines? A) Kandara Airport
Week 3 - Q) Since 1850, what percentage of Austria’s alpine glaciers have disappeared? A) 40%
Week 4 - Q) What is the name of the world’s driest desert that is located in Chile? A) Atacama


Week 1 - Q) Fiji, host to 2 of this week’s event airports, consists of how many islands? A) Over 330
Week 2 - Q) One of the earliest accurately recorded first attempts at flight by a human took place in 1507 at which Scottish landmark? A) Stirling Castle
Week 3 - Q) What was the date of the first A339 flight? A) 19th October 2017
Week 4 - Q) The world’s first transatlantic flight was undertaken in an aircraft build in San Diego. What was the name of this aircraft? A) The Spirit of St. Louis


Week 1 - Q) The Persian Empire was founded in the 13th century in Anatolia. What is the main alternative name for this area? A) Asia Minor
Week 2 - Q) Bossa nova is a well know type of Brazilian music. Which 2 styles does it originate from? A) Samba and Jazz
Week 3 - Q) Warsaw is the only city in the EU with what feature located in the city centre? A) A nature reserve
Week 4 - Q) Khawr al Udayd is a famous area of Qatar known as what by English speakers? A) The Inland Sea


Week 1 - Q) What year did London Stansted become a commercial airport? A) 1966
Week 2 - Q) MMMX originally opened in 1915 as Balbuena Military Airport. How many runways did the airport have at this time? A) 5
Week 3 - Q) What was the flight number of the first flight to arrive into Singapore when it became operational in 1981? A) SQ101
Week 4 - Q) How long was runway 04/22 that closed in 2014? A) 6000ft


Week 1 - Q) Iceland is a popular location for novelists. Roughly how many people in the country will publish a book in their lifetime? A) 1 in 10
Week 2 - Q) How many races will F1 have in the 2021 season? A) 22
Week 3 - Q) Roughly how many pharaohs were there during the ancient Egyptian Empire? A) 170
Week 4 - Q) What feature of flying on an airliner that is now passed in law worldwide was first introduced by Air Canada in 1988? A) Banned smoking on all flights
Week 5 - Q) How many new 3D airports were brought into Infinite Flight in 2021? A) 136


Thanks for putting these together each and every week Misha! Fun way to put my brain to the test


I’d definitely vote if there was a Between 0 and 1 option… 🙌

In all seriousness though… WOW, thanks for that Misha!