Friday Night Flight Thread Problems

Hey IFC.
In the last few FNF I have noticed that the thread has been closed due to what I presume is bad attitude in the thread. I just wanted to commend the organizers of this great weekly event and ask everyone to please be polite within the thread and not bad-mouth it if you aren’t partial to it. Your perfectly suited FNF will come eventually!

                        WELL DONE INFINITE FLIGHT STAFF!!!!

Especially you @MishaCamp!


Hi Patrick! I’m sure Misha loves support and positive feedback like this. He and the other staff put hours of their time each week creating these amazing events (and schedules) for our community.

If you’re wondering why the topics are closed to comments, I’d suggest taking a quick look at this:


Yes. That is so true from @Balloonchaser about the meaningless comments that can be replaced by likes!


Adding onto what Luca said above and what the provided post mentions, it’s those few bad apples (so to speak) who require constant moderation and affecting what is closed and what isn’t closed.

It’s unfortunate that it’s like that, but the team has to do what they have to do :)


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