Friday Night Flight: The Lone Star State @ KIAH - 130600ZSEP19

Rip, Maybe next time buddy

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houston okay this cool

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I will fly from Sydney, heres the flight info (it‘ll be a tiny group flight)

Into the lone star state



Aircraft: B787-9 (UA)

Gates: 1-37/1-35/1-33/1-31

Flight time: 15h 30min



Departure time: 2030Z

Planned arrival: 1200Z

copy flightplan from X-ONES

everyones invited!


EGLL was in the ATC schedule. It wasn’t an FNF.

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BOS-IAH via the Jetblue A320 is calling me

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But the theme was that route. Not London itself with plenty of other airports.

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To respond to your original post, the reason there haven’t been FNFs in Europe (and the US) is because a long awaited scenery update was pushed, which led to South American (and other places with new scenery) being themed. Now, Misha is moving back to other places and he happened to start in the United States. They’re not purposely trying to stray away from Europe, that’s just how it’s been working out lately.


Yeah! Texas pride, baby!!

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The reason the US is so popular in IF is because most of its user base happens to live in the US. But not every single FNF is held there (in fact, it’s been almost 3 months since it has been). We don’t stick to one part of the world, but we diversify and move around.


OMG this is so awesome! A FNF in the US!

Also, … OMG I just realized my subscription ends tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to play.
So sad, 90% chance I won’t make it tomorrow. Happy flying everyone, enjoy, and have lots of fun!


P.S. I’ll be back in a month or so. I’m just taking a break. ;-)

P.P.S. @Suhas and other Texans, have fun! 😉😎


u can still fly in, through some awesome long haul routes. For example anywhere from europe, or for ultra long hauls begin in Singapore or Sydney

U also have to consider the US being and enormes place. Its not really a country but rather a continent which offers INSANE amounts of diverse scenery. From Alaskas mountains to the gorgeous pacific coast, the Nevada deserts and New York City and SO much more. US is not always automatically the same, thats why Im perfectly fine with it

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Interesting fnf, I’ll be doing Kewr-kiah


Its a joke if you couldn’t tell.

I’ll fly KIAD(Maybe it was BWI?)-KIAH and back to KDCA, as I’ve flown both before IRL.

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Probably gonna do SBGR-KIAH as UVAL156, then fly out to newark.


Hello, is the KAUS/KIAH route accepted or I risk being ghosted?

Yay Houston! I should make it once or twice


KAUS is not local to Houston since it’s located in Austin. You should be fine :)

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Closest one mentioned by Misha is KCLL (Check on a map) and it looks to be far enough from Austin, so I would say go for it.

Also you can fly FL 190 AUS-IAH which would be above the approach airspace, so you could enter the airspace just as any other arrival.