Friday Night Flight - The Brits Are Here @ EGLL - 220700ZJUN18

Took off KDTW-EGLL
Flight time expected 6 hours 30 minutes
Cruise at FL350
Aircraft A321
Great tailwinds over the Atlantic.

Doing VHHH-EGLL in 20 minutes

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Just took off out of FAOR in a BA 744, expected flight time to be around 10 hours and 40 minutes. Can’t wait to get to EGLL!

Have fun! Would have flown that flight as well, but couldn’t since I’m up in Washington right now.

@Cbro4 also invited me but I had to invitation down. 😞

Maybe next FNF? Until then, have fun everyone!

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SA234 A346 from FAOR to EGLL on it’s way. Expected arrival is around 1700z

Youll make it with the A321 :)

Yes! I cant wait. Time for some group photo’s ☺

sounds exciting! Currently cruising at FL310 somewhere over Russia , Estimated Time of Arrival 5 hours from now

(By the way, he’s also was flying )^^ ^

Made it safely and the return flight later on.
Great job Approach, tower and ground.

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i was watching sam & cat and this is an exact replica:

The Brit Brat

EDIT: I’'m gonna do Nairobi to london with the BA 789.

I’ll come in from Salt Lake City! Bringing the big guns to EGLL (aka BA 747)


Today is my last day of school and I’ll definitely be doing this event🤤


Emirates EK1 will be inbound, departing at approx. 14:00Z

Look out for A Hippopotamus!

How fast are you flying?!

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Just landed in Heathrow (BAW271) from San Diego. Excellent approach controlling considering the massive amounts of arrivals.

Diverting to Manchester! Crazy at Heathrow right now, but the controllers are doing well for the amount of traffic.

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Amazing Job by @Trio for guiding all incoming traffic and to be able to handle it all as well :)

And it looks like Mark (Skyhawk Heavy) forgot to descend? :P


AEE608 has just departed LGAV, see you at EGLL in 2:30 hours🙂

It took me an hour and a half over London to put the plane down :(

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Heyy, you made it!! 😂

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