Friday Night Flight - The Brits Are Here @ EGLL - 220700ZJUN18

Lol my device my lag a bit

I have Ipad 2017 so hopefully not Apple could handle lag

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I also have the iPad from last year.
12.9 2nd Gen (2017), has handled everything very well now for the past 10 months with settings on High/Very High ;)

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I decided I’ll do OMDB-EGLL in a BA 772 and then EGLL-KLAX in a BA A380

I will be doing transatlantic narrow body flights. Let’s see the range of the A321.


Now that I’m back with my PRO subscription I’m excited for this event. I think I’ll do some regional flights around the UK. Should be fun mates…

It’s going to be very crowded at EGLL 😂

Ohhhhhh boy. It’s going to be hectic. I’m going to emerge from my cave that I’ve been hiding in for 3 weeks and control!

✈️ Have a look at a short list compiled to spark some creativity for FNF. ✈️

Flights are broken down from left to right in the following way: Aircraft > Flight Number > Departure > Flight Time (in estimated hours and minutes.) Just click on the arrow and you’ll see the flight from FlightAware.


A319 BAW389 EBBR 1 hour

A320 BAW709 LSZH 1 hour 30 minutes

A319 BAW981 EDDT 1 hour 40 minutes

A320 BAW825 EKCH 1 hour 45 minutes

A319 BAW581 LIMC 2 hours

A320 BAW341 LFMN 2 hours

A380 BAW32 VHHH 12 hours 30 minutes


B744 BAW66 KPHL 6 hours

B772 BAW92 CYYZ 6 hours 30 minutes

B744 BAW262 OERK 6 hours 40 minutes

B772 BAW52 KSEA 9 hours

B772 BAW246 SBGR 11 hours

B773 BAW16 WSSS 13 hours

B789 BAW34 WMKK 13 hours

🚨 Please don’t be that pilot that spawns in at EGLC and requests an approach at EGLL. Be creative and try something challenging! Hope to see everyone there tomorrow in your favorite aircraft sporting a BA livery! 🇬🇧

Reorganized these from shortest to longest respective to flight time. Sorry ;)

Will be flying this route if anyone wants to join. Spawning in around 15 minutes from now.


Can you do KBOS-EGLL

Looks like there’s gonna be participation from both servers! Goodluck to the controllers controlling EGLL tomorrow on the training server.

Haha, those poor TS controllers at EGLL has FNF everyday, all day. But then it’s not called FNF rather Monday Night Flying, Tuesday Night Flying, Wednes… etc… 😝🤔


welp, that calls me to do a long haul tonight. FNF, my call to fly. Bet it is gonna be crowded tomorrow

Read my reply to my comment. You’re the first to know the flights :)

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Alrighty, I can finally say that i’m on my way 😎
Next Stop…: London Heathrow Airport!! Buckle up, cuz JAL41 is airborne! —✈

And when i say buckle, i MEAN buckle up, we got some crazy winds (Kanagawa Prefecture | 125-135kts winds) on our way to LHR, so stay calm although i personally would like to scream as that is more trilling to do, rollercoaster anyone?? 😂

I can see that other IFC members are on their way, including the one and only man himself… Skyhawk Heavy!

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Just left San Jose with @Levet heading to EGLL… 10 hours to go :)


You forgot your BA livery…


I’m bringing it later on, don’t worry ;)
BAW (B767) from Stockholm to London is coming your way soon… 😎

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On our way to EGLL from KLAX with my AAVA crew.

Looking good! Excited to stop by soon !