Friday Night Flight: The Atlantan Way @ KATL - 190600ZAPR19

Wow! Such strong winds! My A330 is shaking violently…

I’m en route from Rio de Janeiro. See you all in 9 hours!


Estimated winds for the storm 75mph

the storm is coming to richmond

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What time is the event at?

All day

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YESSSSS I LOVE CVG!!! Check out my topic on the airport under #real-world-aviation

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What time would you recommend I depart from
Detroit at inbound for Atlanta?

It really doesn’t matter. ATC is all day.

Will there be ATC in Detroit?

ATC is there right now, at least on expert :)

This will be my first FNF on an expert server and I can’t wait for it. I’ll fly in from Seattle and then do a transatlantic to either Paris or Amsterdam tonight

I’ll make a Camio in the f22 for this one!

Do Seattle to Paris.

Fine, but I better have ATC all day and it better be, dare I say it, realistic. 😂

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About to do my 3rd flight for today

So just going to say if you are not in a VA, especially one being featured for FNF, dont use the VA’s callsign. It isnt just because it is to set apart the members from non members, but rather because if you do something rude or ghost worthy it wrongly reflects badly on the VA. The VA callsigns are for VA’s to not only keep track of their members but also ensure that their members are behaving properly while flying. It is great that you appreciate a VA but you can potentially cause more problems for a VA than you are showing gratitude. Just stick to the listed callsign that IF already provides. All VA will gladly appreciate that more than using a callsign intended for VA members.


Be careful. It’s bad, the lightning was so hard it made me fall

I’ll be departing soon (with @Dylan_M from LGA)
I’m checking out of school early for this 😂

jk, were not doing anything so I’m checking out


Flew in from New Orleans. I’ve never flown into an airport this busy before. I love this. I’ll fly out to Amsterdam soon in either a Delta A330, Delta 777, or KLM 777

I’m heading from DCA-OMA