Friday Night Flight - Texas Round Up @ KDFW - 091830ZMAR18

Can’t wait to participate in this FNF!
I’ll be streaming my flight on my channel at 2030Z tomorrow! Go watch and join in!

My Channel:

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I just took off from Dallas as this just got posted! I’m AAL1165 737-8 going to LAX

Heck yeah I will, I actually have a good picture of it landing at SBA!

See you all there!


I was trying to tell them it was the A350 😆

Expect a stream-train today!

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The american eagle is only making us wanting more!

Nice shot. I’ve done that flight before - many times. Love that aircraft!

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Sounds fun! I’ll try to come and if I do…expect me on approach

Really sounds like fun but Friday Night to me is in 12 hours lol. Timezone is Zulu+2

Near my home airport of KOKC I was hoping for this last week. We need some action in the Southwest!

Can’t wait! Sounds very fun! :)

We are on our way from EGLL
Be ready in 9 and a half hours…

Definatley can’t miss this one!

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Lucky me, I don’t have to go across the pond!

I’m in, American 326 is ready.

U flying now then? What’s ur callsign?

Will there be atc on training server and will it be interesting there or will all the staff and mods and fun be on expert?

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Well if anyone will be on the training server I will be American 539

I will be on the Training Server, BER4EVR
Happy to see you :D

I hope we get atc that knows what they are doing