Friday Night Flight - TBM in the Alps - 280700ZSEP18

Am I allowd to attend in a 77F or only TBM?

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What server is it on

Misha clearly says:

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Ok I am busy so I couldn’t read it Thanks for that

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Just studied the approach charts for Runway 25 into Zion, looks challenging!

Two types of approaches: RNP which follows the valley to the runway, but critical waypoints are missing in IF; and IGS, which is a much steeper approach that works something like an ILS but offset from the runway centreline and requires visual manouevering near the end of the approach to the runway, like at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak. Waypoints for the approach are present though.

This means no approaches following the centreline of the runway due to terrain or you’ll find the mountainside to be your final resting place.

Looks fun to watch if I can open Approach here later, thanks Misha!

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Just did some flying in the amazing Alps! I highly recommend everyone to head over there! It’s amazing going past such beautiful scenery in such an amazing aircraft!

so good. Worth it!

Great FNF… shame I can’t attend - gonna be at Oktoberfest! 😉

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Mmmh… i think I will fly two times tonight due to the choice of Swiss airport for FNF (thanks @MishaCamp)

  • a flight with the TBM 930 (normal event attending)
  • a flight with the Swiss 777 (adding Swiss beauty on mountains between TBM930 bath)

See you at Geneva Expert around 1800Z !

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Friday Night Flight in the Alps


Where is the mai hub for tonight? A few weeks ago i escorted skyhawk heavy and I want to know were I’m fling to.

The main hubs are LSGG and LIMC.

FNF is great! This is a great opportunity to fly TBM!

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You must have ridden those winds well. I thought I did pretty well, and it took me 6hrs 4min to get from St. johns to Prestwick…and I arrived on fumes.

@Philippe_Gilbert What DeerCrusher said. There have already been a couple of successful crossings from St. John’s to the British Isles. The fact that the TBM can reach the jetstream certainly helps, so Eastbound is definitely doable. Westbound might be a different story.

Documented in my posts over at Longest flight a TBM can do

If you don’t have any common sense, you better not be flying on expert. Better use some common curtesy for fellow aircraft on ground and in the air. Or expect to be off of Expert atleast a week.



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I’m not home ):

:sunglasses: cant await to try!

I really like that idea. In fact there have been a low number of such as Events in the past, such as the 747s 50th Birthday, the recent Military one and a few more. I understand the wish for “quests” as themes for the FNFs tho. I’d enjoy something new, lets see what misha and the Team hold for the future ;)

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