Friday Night Flight: Star Alliance Hubs - 170600ZAPR20

You better all vote for the best Airline 😉🇩🇪


Oh Yeah! I am so hyped up for this one! @MishaCamp

Oooooh this will be fun!

What a great way to celebrate your birthday! @MishaCamp

Air Canada is clearly the superior member.


Did Someone Say Star Alliance?!

Thank you to @Mishacamp & the rest of the IFC! Our Star Alliance member VAs can’t wait!

Choose The Way The Infinite Flight Community Connects


Great FNF Misha!!
I am glad that there is my home airport EPWA

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One of 5. Star Alliance is headquartered at Lufthansa’s main hub at EDDF.

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Is anyone up to fly all of the established routes like me?

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The FNF looks really fun Leah! Barely see places like Zagreb for FNF’s lol.😆

See you all in the skies tomorrow!


MISHA YOURE THE GIFTGift - because it’s your bday THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. Awesome FNF as always!

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Nice I’ll be there. 👌👍

Yo! Misha, you did it again, It’s perfect!. Great FNF!

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Also, Happy Birthday Misha😊 @MishaCamp. Thanks for all you do for the Community and Infinite Flight as a whole😊


What airport to fly into… 😬🤔

Want to say Copenhagen… But then we need some Brussels Airlines A330’s for the other idea… 🤔

Vienna was quite busy a while back.

I think my route will be RJTT-EKCH. Actually has great timing. Idk the aircraft yet, but it’s SAS.

This just reminds me that WE NEED AN AUSTRIAN AIRLINES B777-200ER IN THE FLEET!! 😜😏😏


Good FNF, but surprised EDDF is not listed, it’s a Star Alliance hub. Also, what about all the United routes? Lol

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As the Chief Pilot of a Star Alliance Virtual member airline, I’m obligated to be here for this one. woooooohooooooo. Looking forward to churning some fresh butter, if anyone wants to buy some when I’m done making it. Selling for $2/1.85 Euro/ 1.61 GBP.

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That’s not how birthday gifts work, @MishaCamp. We are supposed to give you a gift.

Thanks for the awesome FNF! I’m so happy to see Zagreb as I too am from the Balkans. It is indeed a dream come true, as @AlphaSeven said.


Zagreb ✅
Belgrade ❓
Sofia ❓